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Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:22 pm
by Grove r
Bought a Hyster S 50 B Lift truck......warehouse forklift, a couple years ago, and desperatly need the shop manual for it, specificaly for the wiring diagram.......have had my name in at Amazon for near a year, with no takers. The motor seems good, had it running for a few minutes, no nocks, rattles, or other onomolies.......if I can't find a manual, will use the mast and forks to make a "lift" in the shop, to the mezzanine......don't want to religate this unit to the scrap pile, but looks to be about to happen........thanks in advance,

Re: Manual.......

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:55 pm
by Fern(Mi)
Hi Ron:
Wiring principles are usually very basic for: 6v neg and pos gr. diesels, 12v gas or diesel.

Tell me what you've got. Myself unfamiliar with your machine I'll need to know know whether it has a generator or alternator, If it has a generator how many wires point to regulator 3 or 4, and gas or diesel, ignition switch start or seperaate push button, starter or independent solenoid?

Give me what you can of the above information and I'll see what I can either find and copy or I'll start making up my own.

My thought is if taken one step at a time we should be able to figure it out. At my age I've likely seen them all.

My Email addy fmgruber@gmail. I usually hang out Ron's home board.


Re: Manual.......

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:11 am
by Grove r
Basic wiring of the unit is not the issue, can do that, no problem.....where it gets takky is the wiring of the transmission controls, and such.....previous operators have cut and slashed the wires to the point of no return....'sides... have decided to use the mast and forks for the aforementioned, secondary, dedicated job, as a lift, or, if you will, elevator to the mezzanine floor in the shop. All I need there is an electric motor of adequate size, [hp], to run an hydraulic pump, to controle spool, and adequate supports, etc, with a very lite sliding door, up and down, to keep unwarys away from the opening in the upper floor, and the landing at the bottom, as is needed. have a good one,