Gettin rough out there

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Gettin rough out there

Post by Ron/PA » Thu Dec 27, 2007 11:09 am

Just ran some aluminum cans and tin up to my buddies scrap yard/recycling center. When I pulled in, I saw 2 single row corn pickers and a baler sitting at the top of the yard. I thought I was in hog heaven.
I asked him if he was selling them? Nope, they're evidence. With steel hitting over $200.00 per ton, all three of these were stolen and sold for scrap.
Rolling targets like these are prime targets for these low life thieves. Luckily each unit was towed in with a pickup, tag numbers recorded, and turned over to state police. Units had already been reported stolen.
His advice from state police was to weld some kind of ID on your implements and snap a picture or two to cover your butt.

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