Spraybomb Trick

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Spraybomb Trick

Post by Fawteen » Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:51 pm


I've noticed that some spray paint cans have a nice, fan-shaped pattern that gives good coverage without running and a slight overlap avoids striping.

Other cans have a very narrow, round pattern that is darn near impossible to get good coverage and avoid striping without getting runs.

The difference seemed to be a little raised line centered on the nozzle hole. Aligning the raised portion vertically gave me a horizontal fan and vice versa.

Painting the snowblower and the Rustoleum cans were giving me the narrow, round pattern and it looked awful.

Had an almost empty can of Rusty Metal Primer and decided to try a little experiment. Took the finest hacksaw blade I had and cut a little notch horizontally across nozzle, centered as best I could on the hole.

PRESTO! Vertical fan pattern! A tad crude and the can tends to dribble paint on your hand but coverage is VERY nice. I think a little refinement, primarily a cleaner, narrower notch, would work very well indeed.
What do you mean I can't do that?

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