Stanley tools parts

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Stanley tools parts

Post by Gerrit » Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:59 am

I was completely amazed and impressed when I tried to find a bracket for my Stanley rolling workshop, which broke some time ago, and I found that Stanley sells parts and that they so it online!


Not only does Stanley have a special site where they sell parts for almost anything they have in their program, they also have moderate prices for parts and shipping AND they ship to Puerto Rico (many vendors don't for whatever stupid reason)

I ordered the bracket ($ 1.50) and paid $ 4.95 for shipping and handling - very reasonable IMO.

The site is here:

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Re: Stanley tools parts

Post by Johnson » Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:38 pm

Thanks for the link.

I don't use too much Stanely Stuff but that Tool cart assy is great for running in buildings with Elevators and General carting around. Especially handy for an IT/Computer Guy.

We received a used book from a Library in London, England (Jethro Tull the Inventor Farmer 1670's Era) Through Amazon used Books..11 Days and Shipping To Spokane Wa. State & was less than 5 US dollars.

Ya got to figure these guys have got to be playing heads up or
They lose.

Another Vendor surprise I had Was while visiting Minnesota
I looked at my Aunt's 10" Skil Table Saw. It was a $220.00 package deal with a stand My uncle bought for her birthday 12 years ago before his death. Sentimental thing ya know!!

The Drive gears were Stripped out from cutting way to big and Grunting the Saw Beyond....
So I call skil #'s in Manual and they were no good.
WElll we had errands to run so I asked a clerk Hat Mynards Home store for a Skil Tech service/part #.
I called it and Chatted with the lady and she told me for the price of the parts I could get a Refurbished Factory Saw just like it with any updated things for $135.00 + Shipping $18.00.
Same Exact Birthday saw so we did that and she has A good saw and A whole spare with everything but gearset.

I Advised She Quit cutting Firewood with it :mrgreen:
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