Toilet trouble

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Toilet trouble

Post by Dave Smith » Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:17 pm

I had a toilet that kept running slowly and causing the well to run dry. I changed the stand pipe with the shut off valve in it. The old valve went bad. The new pipe had a long hose that fed water to the bowl. I just shoved it down the over flow pipe. The toilet still caused the toilet to run and run the well dry. The water was siphoning back through the pipe to the bowl. It was very hard to see the problem.
This came off the internet.

Some Info on that small tube siphoning water from the tank:
The other main type of toilet leak is a siphon leak. This is caused by the fill tube being pushed too far down the overflow tube. When the end of the fill tube is pushed below the water level in the tank it will sometimes cause a siphoning effect. The way to determine this is to take a flashlight and look directly down the overflow tube. If you see the water running or dripping from the end of the filler tube, then the siphoning effect is taking place. This is very easy to correct. Pull the filler tube up so that the end of the filler tube is above water level in the tank. If the filler tube is too long and it is made out of rubber snip the excess off with a pair of scissors.

Here's more info on that:
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Re: Toilet trouble

Post by Fawteen » Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:35 pm

Good tip! I never got much past "jiggle the handle"... :mrgreen:
What do you mean I can't do that?

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